The Vaportini

Once again Nerds have found a way to improve our lives. Introducing the Vaportini, it takes an ordinary alcoholic beverage and vaporizes it for your inhalation. Inhaling your alcohol causes it to get into you blood stream almost immediately as opposed to the traditional 20 to 30 minutes. They say some of the benefits are no calories; no carbs, no impurities and the effects of consuming alcohol are immediately felt, making it easier to responsibly regulate how much you get in your system.

Those sound like some great benefits, but don’t bull shit us! This is just a new way to get drunk faster and don’t you dare threaten us with a good time. Now before I get all the activists on me let me just say that I do support responsible drinking and never ever encourage drunk driving. But we’re not here to get into that debate. We are taking this thing at face value and we like it. However, there is something comforting about holding a cold beverage in your hands whilst making conversation. I definitely enjoy the social aspect of drinking as well.

So what’s up Nerd Nation? Is this something you would be interested in trying or do you see it growing into the next big thing? I could definitely see these things popping up a long side the hooka and oxygen bars can’t you?

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