Marvel Of The Dead

So yesterday we posted up a teaser picture on our Facebook page of something that Marvel is working on called “Of The Dead”. After a bit more research here’s what we’ve learned; The legendary Zombie film maker George A. Romero is actually writing a comic for Marvel, It will not feature any notable Marvel characters in it; No Marvel heroes or villains. It will have zombies in it.

From what I can tell it sounds like Marvel is trying to have a successful zombie graphic novel that can compete with Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead. I can’t say I blame them, but what is very irritating is the fact that Marvel thinks by using their deep pockets to attach a famous name to it that people are automatically going to jump in line to buy this comic. They could have had any number of great writers be a part of this comic, but instead chose the most recognizable name. Not to mention the font used for their teaser looks a lot like the Walking Dead TV series font…just sayin.

Anyways, what are your thoughts Nerd Nation? Is this something you are interested in and does the fact that George Romero will be writing this comic have any influence on whether or not you will be buying the first issue?

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