Daily Archives: February 13, 2013

Live Action Wreck It Ralph! (Video)

This is a really cool fan made video based on the hit Disney movie Wreck It Ralph. If you haven’t seen it yet (or even if you have) check out this live action version of the movie that breaks the entire things down in 60 seconds. It even hasĀ  Sarah Silverman in it play Vanillape Von Schweetz. I don’t know about you guys but personally this is one of my favorite Disney movies that I have seen so far. This fan made short film is very well put together and It’s definitely worth a watch.

Emergency Broadcast Zombie Alert!!!

On Monday the fine folks of Montana got a little bit of a scare as they watched The Steve Wilko’s Show. Apparently someone was able to hack into the Emergency Broadcasting System and send out a bogus alert of bodies rising from their graves. I don’t know about you but I would probably shit myself if something like that came across my TV screen. Needless to say there were no actual zombies and the TV station KRTV went into immediate damage control releasing this statement online and on air;

“Someone apparently hacked into the Emergency Alert System and announced on KRTV and the CW that “dead bodies are rising from their graves” in several Montana counties. This message did not originate from KRTV, and there is no emergency. Our engineers are investigating to determine what happened and if it affected other media outlets.”

So the question is “Who Done It?” And was this some sort of viral marketing? Your thoughts Nerd Nation? How would you have reacted to seeing this official emergency alert?

Hilarious Max Payne Parody

Saw this from a buddy the other day and this video is funny as Shit! Max Payne was emo before it was cool and this really pokes some serious fun at it. If you’ve ever played any of the games you’ll laugh your ass off.