Daily Archives: February 11, 2013

Mortal Kombat & Anime Boob Mouse Pads

For those of you who are PC Gamers or anyone else that has to work on a computer for long periods of time know how annoying those pesky wrist cramps can be. Well luckily there is a solution tailored for us Nerds. I give you the very life like and well endowed Mortal Kombat Katana ergonomic mouse pad. Now be the envy of all your office buddies as you mouse comfortably and in style.

They are being sold at Ali Express for around $20.00. Unfortunately it looks like they are all out of Katana but there are plenty of other inappropriate characters for you to choose from. I’m not saying I would get one for myself but if one of my awesome Nerd Nationites was feeling generous then I certainly wouldn’t turn one down 🙂

Death Battle: Batman vs Spider-Man (Video)

There has always been a debate among Nerds as to which comic book super heroes are the best. A common questions is who would win in a fight? We’ve seen Goku vs Superman but now it’s time to answer this one…Who would win in a fight Batman or Spider-Man? Marvel vs DC is a debate for the ages and Death Battle’s has taken two of the most popular characters from their respected comic brands and put them in a fight to the death.