Daily Archives: February 7, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 3 Zombie Head Case

Revealed earlier by MTV Geek the limited edition Walking Dead Season 3 case will be the Zombie head case owned by the governor. The case contains five floating heads reminiscent of that famous scene in season three. The best part about it is that it was designed by McFarlane Toys, so you know the detail will be spot on.

“AMC gave us the news that The Governor was going to be in Season Three and was in all the scripts, but they didn’t even know what he was going to look like yet!” said Todd McFarlane. “So we knew we wanted to do something that reflected that, and was cool and creepy and the same time.”

Apparently you can actually fill up the aquariums yourself and move the heads around to your liking….Pretty sick (in a good way) if you ask me.

No specific date has been set for the home video release.

Knights of Badassdom Trailer

This movie looks pretty interesting. I always like things that can still surprise you because I definitely didn’t see this thing going the direction it did. Not to mention Steve Zahn is funny as hell and I’ve liked most of the movies he’s been in. Anyways, enjoy the trailer for Knights of Badassdom.

And don’t forget to let us know what you think Nerd Nation!

Agent 47 is Getting A New Face

So after the success of Hit Man Absolution I’m not surprised that Hollywood is trying another go at a big screen adaptation. Not to mention after the first shitty Hit Man movie that came out in 2007 I’m not surprised that they are changing faces either. However, what does surprise me is who they chose to be the new face of Agent 47.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Paul Walker

According to Deadline.com the new Hit Man movie will be titled “Agent 47” and is written by A Good Day To Die Hard‘s Skip Woods and Michael Finch and will be directed by Aleksander Bach. Never heard of Aleksander Bach? Me neither…but that’s not saying much.

I honestly don’t see what anyone would have to gain by making another Hit Man movie. I mean you can watch any (and I seriously mean ANY) Jason Statham movie and essentially get the same thing. In fact I thought he should have been it from the beginning. Even Paul’s Fast and Furious co star Vin Diesel might make a little more sense, but why would Hollywood want to make logical choice or do something that would make fans happy? In any case I don’t work in Hollywood and no one asked me.

As usual, we want to know what our fans think. Is Paul Walker a good choice for Agent 47 and is this a reboot you will spend your hard earned cash to go see?

Game Stop Closing Stores???

Due to poor sales in 2012 GameStop will be closing 500 to possibly 600 stores across the U.S. Since streaming games or downloading them directly to you gaming consoles has become so popular it caused GameStop to report a lower than average profit margin. Such sales figures are forcing GameStop to close numerous stores around the nation which are under performing.

Gamestop CEO J. Paul Raines issued the following statement regarding the store closings:

“New software declined at a rate slower than the market, driving another unprecedented 320 basis points of market share growth. “The GameStop formula continues to show strong resilience in the face of challenging category headwinds, and the new categories of digital and mobile are creating new profit pools that we are exploiting aggressively.”

So this leads me to ask the question; Is GameStop headed to the same fate as Block Buster or Hollywood Video? What do you think Nerd Nation? Can GameStop bounce back from this loss or are they just fighting the inevitable?