The Walking Dead Survival Instinct Gameplay Footage!

So it appears that we finally have a release date and some game play footage for the Walking Dead’s new game “Survival Instinct.” There has been a lot of anticipation for this game but it remains to be seen if it can live up to the hype. Personally I am not too impressed with what I’ve seen but it’s still too early to tell.

The story follows Daryl and Merle Dixon in the early days of the outbreak. The game is a prequel to the TV show, and is set in the Georgia countryside focusing on Daryl and Merle Dixon as they fight their way through the walkers and make their way to Atlanta. The player, as Daryl, can either fight the walkers or stealthily sneak past them. The player will also meet other characters along the way, who can either help or damage him.

It’s nice to finally get a look at some footage for the long awaited Walking Dead Survival Instinct game. I have to say for all the hype that has been behind it, I’m a little disappointed with the graphics. I think they could have easily put more work into the look and feel of the “Walkers” though the environments seem to be pretty well done. From the clips I’ve seen, the A.I. of the Walkers doesn’t seem to be that responsive but it’s hard to tell really from the clips they have out.

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct is set to release March 26 2013

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