The Death of Superman Lives

Does anyone remember the rumors about possibly seeing Nicolas Cage as Superman? I do and I remember being scared they might actually make it. Apparently it was actually all set and ready to film until the plug was prematurely pulled before they started shooting. Judging by the look of the Superman costume and Nick Cage’s strange mullet I’m very glad they never made this movie.

However, that’s not to say a documentary about what it was going to be and why it never happened wouldn’t be cool to see. Famous nerd Jon Schnepp has decided to make a Kick Starter to raise the funds necessary to film such a project. It actually sounds pretty cool and I would love to see if he could really get interviews with the actors and even director Tim Burton.

Anyways check out this video and decide for yourself. If you are interested in helping out this project check out KickStarter to get the whole scoop on how.

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