Study the Force Luke!!!

For those of you who are interested in learning the ways of the force you are in luck. Now you can purchase the entire “Manual for Students of The Force.” No longer will you need a time machine to take you back a long time ago to a galaxy far far away.

This is actually very cool and would make a great display piece for a collector or movie buff. The book it’s self “The Jedi Path” is Fully Illustrated,comes with removable features, and a mechanical vault. It runs anywhere from $90 to $100 depending on where you can find it at.

For those of you more interested in studying the Dark Side of the force fear not. You have not been forgotten and in my humble opinion got the better looking book. “The Book of Sith” comes in an awesome looking black and red, pyramid stlye display case. It glows red and would make a great center piece for a coffee table or another awesome piece for a collection. The best part is it runs about $30 to $40 cheaper.

Both books contain very detailed writings about their respective sides of the force. Both come in awesome display cases, and both would make a great addition to a collection or a gift for any StarWars fan. They can be found on Amazon just by clicking the links. Jedi Path Book of Sith

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