When are we going to learn that Shaquille O’neal and entertainment just don’t mix. Anyone remember the horrible game for the SNES and Genesis Shaq Fu? Or how bout the movies “Steel” and “Kazaam?” Let us not forget about Shaq’s 5 rap albums that no one bought. Yeah it’s pretty safe to say that Shaq really isn’t the face you want to go with when it comes to making any sort of successful entertainment venture.

However, it seems that One Spear Entertainment and Hip Tic Games thinks differently. Enter Shaq Down. A side scrolling zombie apocalypse game. The trailer started off kind of cool but then they showed a character who looks more like Terry Crews than Shaquille O’neal could ever hope to and some very repetitive game play. I can’t image anyone having to pay more than $0.99 for this game. Hopefully it will just be a free download if anyone actually is interested in playing it. Anyways, enjoy this first look at ShaqDown.

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