Real Life Anime Girls

So this isn’t late breaking news but this is something interesting that is increasing in popularity. It’s called Animegao Kigurumi or just Anigao. Never heard of it? Well unless you’re heavily into Cosplay or Japanese pop culture then it’s not very likely that you would have. If you don’t know what Cosplay is then let me give you a quick introduction to it.

Cosplay stands for Costumed Play where people dress up as their favorite characters usually from a movie, comic book, anime series, video game, etc. Costumes are usually hand made or bought and vary in quality and intricacy. Cosplay has been around for a while but didn’t really have a name until recently. Think back to all the StarWars and Star Trek conventions people use to go to and dress as their favorite characters. There weren’t many places one could go and meet with other like minded people but it has grown a lot and become a lot more socially acceptable. Now the hundreds of conventions that go on each year for Nerd pop culture embrace their cosplay audiences.

875b9d4f62d4930ee5df3c451249d07bA newer form of Cosplay is Anigao. Essentially it’s still just Cosplay with a couple distinct difference. it is mostly done by females, they wear a mask that makes them look as though they are straight off the pages of a Manga or out of an anime series, and most wear a skin colored body suit that makes them look more like a doll. The big eyes, small mouth, and lack of detail in the face really does give the feel of looking at a Japanese Animated Girl. However, there is a bit of a creep factor with the facial expression only limited to how the mask is sculpted and having a giant doll walking around is kinda scary too. The reason I am bringing this up is because I have been seeing it more and more on the inter-web and I’m curious as to how it’s being received by the public.

Most of the images I have seen are cute and friendly and seem to have an innocent quality to them. However, I have also come across photo sets that have more of a sexual nature to them. I guess it was inevitable for this to turn into some sort of sexual fetish no matter how this type of cosplay started out.

So Nerd Nation what do you think? In your opinion is this cute or is this creepy?

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  1. a d00d who knows what animegao is says:

    Boy are you WAAAAY off base here. Clearly you did ZERO research into this article.

    First, and ***MOST IMPORTANTLY***–I can’t emphasize this enough–most animegao “girls” are actually guys: cross-dressers, transvestites, whatever you want to call them!!! VERY FEW are actual women under there, likely including the pictures you posted of the bikini-clad “girl”.

    Second, it’s just “animegao”, not “anigao”. It’s a subset of Kigurumi, which fur-suiters (yes, THOSE Furries!) are part of. Sheesh, at least read Wikipedia…

    Third–and this is probably the most embarrassing part–if you don’t know what Cosplay is, how can you possibly call yourself a nerd or geek in the early 21st Century? Seriously…

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