Nvidia Project Shield Mobile Gaming Console

Mobile gaming has become increasingly popular and technology is becoming more powerful and compact. Remember the days when all we could play was snake or pong on our phones? Now with a vast array of 3D Android and IOS games to play we need devices powerful enough to run them. Enter the Nvidia Project Shield…It is a hand held gaming device that is also a fully functional Android device. Project Shield will feature a small, touchscreen paired with what looks like a traditional XBox controller. The device allows users to play either PC titles or Android games found on the Google Play app store. Above the controller is a 5-inch, multi-touch retinal display with a 720p HD resolution and you will be able to download games through WiFi connectivity.

Already people are comparing it to the failure that was the Nokia N-Gage, the not so successful PSP, and the even less successful PS Vita. The idea behind this device is actually very cool in the fact that you can download and run games from the app store rather than having to go out and buy expensive game cartridges or discs. The familiarity of the controller will make it very accessible for gamers casual or otherwise and the fact that it is a fully functional Android device is a plus as well. It remains to be seen how this gaming device will be received but there are several factors that will either make or break this product.

Some of these factors are…

Price Point: How much will the device cost, will you need a data plan, and will it be worth carrying around another device besides your phone or tablet?

Upgrades: Can you up grade the storage or the operating system?

Controls; How well the controls respond to the games can definitely be a huge factor when it comes to your gaming experience.

In any case I am excited to see how the Nvidia Project Shield does and I think it already looks much better than the Nokia N-Gage ever did. What are your thoughts?

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