Jurassic Park The Game

Ever since Jurassic Park the movie was released back in 1993 I think we’ve all dreamed of a day when we could return and really explore the island…Well maybe not a dream but definitely a want.

Enter Jurassic Life. A volunteer group of developers and programmers has taken the Valve Source engine and recreated  the famous Dinosaur Island. The video below is noted as being very much a work in progress but it’s really coming together. The dinosaurs are looking alright but the jungle environments are really looking fantastic. I hope they have more than just a shotgun and revolver to use, however I hope they don’t take the Turok approach and put crazy rail guns and nuclear weapons in it. Either way for a free to play game this looks great and will probably turn out to be very popular.

They really seem to have captured the feel of the original movie. From the dense jungle areas to the industrial tech buildings all the environments are looking pretty good. Not to mention the dark hallways and empty rooms really capture the fear of not knowing if you’re about to be ripped apart by a Velociraptor or have a dismembered Samual L. Jackson arm fall on you.

Anyways, check out what they’ve developed so far…

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