Jim Carrey’s Kick Ass Costume

So most of us have already heard that Jim Carrey will be playing opposite Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the up coming Kick Ass 2 but we haven’t gotten a good look at his costume yet. We know Carrey will be playing the character “Colonel Stars and Stripes.” I haven’t followed the graphic novel at all but I did enjoy the first Kick Ass movie. I can’t say that Jim Carrey is at the top of my list of favorite actors but he does have some pretty decent movies that I liked in the past.

My only hope is that we can differentiate Colonel Stars and Stripes from say, Ace Ventura, The Mask, and Fire Marshal Bill. Mr. Carrey has had a sting of not so successful movies lately and hopefully this will relaunch his career and stretch his acting abilities a bit. Not much is known about the size of Carrey’s role but apparently he will be one of the makeshift super heroes to assist Kick Ass in quest for vigilante justice.

The good news is that with this official screen shot released it might mean that an official trailer will be close behind…I hope. So what do you think? Is this movie a Go or a No and does Jim Carrey’s appearance in it sway your judgement in any way?

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

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