Inappropriate Comedy Red Band Trailer!!!

I won’t say much about this one simply because I don’t want to get into any racial or moral arguments, but parts of the trailer did make me laugh. All I will say is it seems like Hollywood is very determined to crank these raunchy and tasteless type comedies out without putting in any kind of substance or originality into them. It started with “The Hangoever” (which I did like) and just about every movie of that genre that has come after it has seemed to be more concerned with being more vulgar and offensive than the one before it, rather than telling us a hilarious story that makes sense. I honestly don’t have a problem with offensive material in movies but please be entertaining also. I don’t think that’s too much to ask do you?

Anyways check out the red band trailer of “Inappropriate Comedy” be warned though it is very vulgar and offensive.

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