Frieza Final Form Action Figure

So it seems like the best stuff comes from Japan and action figures are no exception. This figure of the evil villain Frieza in his final form looks amazing. Seriously one of the best I’ve seen. It appears to come with three heads with different facial expressions and possibly 3 different sets of hands. Also it looks like you can change out the tail for the look he was sportin after it get’s blown off by Gokou’s Spirit Bomb.

There is some very nice detail and awesome articulation in this figure and comes with two nice display stands. It honestly looks like something right out of the anime. Frieza is one of my most favorite villains of all time and I think this toy really captures the menacing feel of this famous bad guy. No word yet on when it is going to be released but this is a definite must have for any DragonBall Z collector out there!

S.H. Figuarts Frieza Final Form

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