Cannibal Bread!!!

Who’s hungry for a hand…I mean ham sandwich? Well if you’re ever in Thailand you’ll be able to get both. Since 2006 a young baker by the name of Kittiwat Unarrom has been making bread in the shape of body parts. It started off as a University project but quickly became his full time job. Kittiwat is a graduate of painting and sculpture and it is evident in the detail of his bread. Each body part is hand molded and painted. The bread is completely edible and can run up to $500 depending on the size of the body part. It’s crazy how real these breads look and I bet they would be a big seller here in the states. What do you think? Would you buy bread in the shape of a human body part just to freak our your friends or family? It is pretty sick and twisted but there is definitely a market out there for it. I’m sure it would be a great seller for Halloween or something like that.

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