Blade Reboot!!!

So it seems that Marvel/Disney have finally obtained the rights once again to the character Blade. You might remember that little Wesley Snipes trilogy that made close to a billion dollars. According to Crave Online David Goyer (executive producer of the Blade TV series and the Blade trilogy) has confirmed that Marvel now re-owns the rights to the Character Blade after acquiring them from Warner Brothers. This is good news because the Blade movies helped legitimize super hero movies back in the early 2000s. It’s gritty story telling and violent effects took away the perception that comic book movies had to be just for kids. Now it appears that we can look forward to a possible Blade reboot sometime in our future.

(From Crave Online)
He agrees that a reboot now is inevitable. “I do,” Goyer said. “I do. Now that Marvel/Disney have recaptured the rights, I’m sure it will be [remade]. They made too much money on that character to not reboot him at some point.”

Blade doesn’t really seem like a Disney franchise though, but that shouldn’t stop them. “But I mean, look, between merchandise and what not, that little character generated almost a billion dollars,” Goyer countered.

Goyer went on to say that our chances of seeing Wesley Snipes reprise his role as Blade isn’t very likely. That may be true but crazier things have been know to happen. In any case I think this is great news and hope that we see a new Blade sooner than later. To read the entire story from Crave Online Click Here.

What are your thoughts on this news? Is this something you would like to see and if so who do you think should be the next Blade?

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