Adventure Time on Netflix!


Starting on March 30th Netflix subscribers will be able to stream past seasons of Adventure Time along with other shows from Cartoon Network. Some of the shows coming to Netfilx include; Ben 10, Regular Show, Johnny Bravo, Warner Bros Animation’s Green Lantern, Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken and Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Sony Picture Television’s The Boondocks and Warner Bros Television’s Studio 2.0′s Childrens Hospital

(Quoted from Paste Magazine)

“We are delighted that Netflix will become the exclusive over-the-top streaming subscription destination for past seasons of favorite Cartoon Network and Adult Swim titles,” said Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s Chief Content Officer. “We’re also thrilled to be able to offer the latest seasons of Dallas, one of the greatest all-time guilty pleasures.”

With a price tag of only $7.99 a month I’d say that’s a pretty good deal. It seems that Netflix is really moving up in the world. Their T.V. shows and movies are becoming more diverse and better quality. Not to mention the large selection of anime movies and shows they carry as well.

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