Actor Found To Play The Rhino?

So it’s being reported that Paul Giamatti is going to play The Rhino in the Amazing Spider-Man sequel. Please Lord don’t let this turn into another Topher Grace situation. We all know that was a horrible decision and could see it from a mile away, but of course Hollywood knew better didn’t they? 


This guy is so whiny an nasally how could they think this would be a good fit for him. The Rhino is oafish and dimwitted who likes to go on rampages. You tell me if Paul Giamatti fits that description. I’m not so sure this Spider-Man franchise is headed in a good direction. Just because someone has a long acting history doesn’t mean they can play any role. Another bad decision (in my opinion) is making Jaime Foxx Electro.Why does Hollywood feel the need to change the entire look and feel of iconic characters just so they can name drop to the audience?

Sorry guys but I can’t really get behind this decision…But it’s not about me, it’s about you Nerd Nation! What do you guys think of how the Spider-Man sequel is shaping up? Are you excited for it and is the possible addition of Paul Giamatti a good decision?

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