Daily Archives: January 30, 2013

What Men’s Soap Should Smell Like

Men are you tired of those sweet smelling girly hand soaps that we are forced to use day in and day out? Well fear not my friend because you’re a man and you should smell like one. Enter Man Hands Bacon Scented Soap. Now you can smell like you’ve been elbow deep in greasy pork products all day long. The next time you hand that hot girl from the grocery store your money she’ll be impressed by the smell of your manliness!

Check out ManHands Manly Scented Soap for more manly scents like;

beer, cash, bacon, bonfire, top soil, baseball glove, fresh cut grass, and muscle rub.


Banned Skittles Commercial

I’m not sure if this was a real commercial made by skittles or not but it made me laugh. This is so wrong it’s no wonder it would be banned from TV though. However, I can’t help but wonder if women would enjoy it more if it were actually like this…Food for thought.