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Ultimate Battle to the Death

So these guys took it upon themselves to figure out who is the strongest in the universe; Superman or Goku? The science behind it is actually pretty interesting and I’m very surprised by the numbers and the outcome. However, it was informative and entertaining. If you got about 30 minutes to kill I recommend that you check out this video and weigh the results against your own ideas.

So what’s up Nerd Nation? Do you agree or disagree with the results of this comparison? Who do you really think is the strongest in this fictional universe?

KFC Goes DBZ???

Damn!!! Japan gets all the cool stuff…

This is definitely something I never thought I would see. In honor of the new DragonBall Z animated movie “Battles of The Gods” being released into theaters Japanese KFCs have decided to celebrate by making a Goku inspired meal. KFC Japan has decided to dress the Colonel up as Goku and seven special locations will depict him holding one of seven different DragonBalls.

This will be the first time in almost 20 years that a DragonBall Z movie will actually be in theaters, so you can see why it is such a big deal over there…Too bad it’s won’t be in theaters over here.

What Men’s Soap Should Smell Like

Men are you tired of those sweet smelling girly hand soaps that we are forced to use day in and day out? Well fear not my friend because you’re a man and you should smell like one. Enter Man Hands Bacon Scented Soap. Now you can smell like you’ve been elbow deep in greasy pork products all day long. The next time you hand that hot girl from the grocery store your money she’ll be impressed by the smell of your manliness!

Check out ManHands Manly Scented Soap for more manly scents like;

beer, cash, bacon, bonfire, top soil, baseball glove, fresh cut grass, and muscle rub.


Banned Skittles Commercial

I’m not sure if this was a real commercial made by skittles or not but it made me laugh. This is so wrong it’s no wonder it would be banned from TV though. However, I can’t help but wonder if women would enjoy it more if it were actually like this…Food for thought.



Actor Found To Play The Rhino?

So it’s being reported that Paul Giamatti is going to play The Rhino in the Amazing Spider-Man sequel. Please Lord don’t let this turn into another Topher Grace situation. We all know that was a horrible decision and could see it from a mile away, but of course Hollywood knew better didn’t they? 


This guy is so whiny an nasally how could they think this would be a good fit for him. The Rhino is oafish and dimwitted who likes to go on rampages. You tell me if Paul Giamatti fits that description. I’m not so sure this Spider-Man franchise is headed in a good direction. Just because someone has a long acting history doesn’t mean they can play any role. Another bad decision (in my opinion) is making Jaime Foxx Electro.Why does Hollywood feel the need to change the entire look and feel of iconic characters just so they can name drop to the audience?

Sorry guys but I can’t really get behind this decision…But it’s not about me, it’s about you Nerd Nation! What do you guys think of how the Spider-Man sequel is shaping up? Are you excited for it and is the possible addition of Paul Giamatti a good decision?

Sim City 2013

I saw the preview for this game late last year and thought it looked interesting, but I wasn’t sure something like this would keep my interest for very long. However, I have played the Sims 3 with all it’s crazy add ons and found myself really hooked on it. So the new Sim City is only a few short months away and I actually think I’m excited for it. Now I know this is a far cry from games like….Far Cry and Black Ops (which I still love) however, the Sims can be very addicting and a fun way to pass the time.

There are a lot of great things about this game that really have me wanting to play it. The idea of building and maintaining a city all while trying to keep it’s citizens happy sounds like a fun challenge. Plus if the Sims 3 is any sort of indication there will be a shit ton of add ons to keep the game fun and interesting for a long time to come.

Anyways, what does our beloved Nerd Nation think? Is this worth checking out or are you going to pass on it?

The End Official Red Band Trailer

So the entire cast of Pineapple Express got together to make another movie. I wonder if it will have a lot of cussing an drug references in it…I’m sorry to say that I have already passed judgement on this movie. I’m not a big fan of any of these guys because they just give us the same recycled bullshit in every movie. We get it you guys are pot heads and make millions of dollars. 20 years ago none of them would be working in Hollywood except as possible stage hands. However, that’s not to say that this movie sucks, it’s just not my personal cup of pee. (watch the trailer, you’ll get the reference)

If you think these guys are funny then I hope you enjoy this movie and hell, maybe you might be able to convince me to go check it out with you. I’m always down for a good challenge and maybe this movie would prove me wrong. The concept seems somewhat interesting but it remains to be seen.

So how about it Nerd Nation? Are you In or Out on “The End?” Check out the Red Band trailer and decide for yourself and let us know what you think.

The Death of Superman Lives

Does anyone remember the rumors about possibly seeing Nicolas Cage as Superman? I do and I remember being scared they might actually make it. Apparently it was actually all set and ready to film until the plug was prematurely pulled before they started shooting. Judging by the look of the Superman costume and Nick Cage’s strange mullet I’m very glad they never made this movie.

However, that’s not to say a documentary about what it was going to be and why it never happened wouldn’t be cool to see. Famous nerd Jon Schnepp has decided to make a Kick Starter to raise the funds necessary to film such a project. It actually sounds pretty cool and I would love to see if he could really get interviews with the actors and even director Tim Burton.

Anyways check out this video and decide for yourself. If you are interested in helping out this project check out KickStarter to get the whole scoop on how.