Tuesday’s Top 10! Hottest Cosplay Girls

In this week’s top 10 we’re counting down the hottest female cosplay characters to ever grace our lives. Oh this is what makes going to the conventions and fighting through the crowds of smelly nerds all worth it. As always this is just a personal list I know there are thousands of sexy cosplayers and characters out there but we only had time to choose 10 of our favorites. Yes ladies I know we are perverts but if being a pervert is wrong then I don’t wanna be right.

Ready to begin? Of course you are

#10. Cammy from street fighter. I can’t imagine that fighting in that kind of outfit would be very comfortable but you won’t catch me complaining about her choice of wardrobe.

#9. Psylocke From X-Men. A very similar style to Cammy’s outfit so no points for originality but definitely points for being HOOOOTTT!!!

#8. Black Cat from Spider-Man. Felicia Hardy was always known for her seductive attitude and just as much for her seductive outfit. Though not as revealing as some of the others it is revealing in just the right places.

#7. Morrigan Aensland. She may look familiar to you from the game Dark Stalkers but even if you didn’t know where she was from we always look forward to seeing her at the cons…A lot of her.

#6. Jade from Mortal Kombat. Deadly and beautiful, she’s worth the risk just to get a glimpse underneath her tiny…Mask

#5. Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier. She might not look that familiar to us here in America but in Japan she is very recognizable…Japan get’s all the good stuff.

#4. Super Woman. I’m not even sure if this counts as cosplay but I care not. Up Up and AWAAAAYYY

#3. Lara Croft. Again not one of the most revealing costumes but she was every nerd boys dream in the PSX era.

#2. The Maid. I know it’s a little generic but I don’t think a single guy out there would complain about a nice, simple, maid costume…Not One!

#1. Princess Leia slave girl costume. This iconic outfit has been getting nerds the world over to stand at attention for the past 30 years… We Salute you Princess Leia.

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