Tuesdays Top 10: Gaming Weapons!

This weeks Top 10 is all about firepower…In the gaming world that is. We’re taking a look at our top 10 favorite weapons from video games. Now I already know someone is going to look at this and say that we forgot some or they don’t agree. That’s Ok, but there are thousands of game titles to choose from and these are the ones we came up with based off of what we have played. Ok? Great!

#10. The BFG from Doom. This thing kicked ass and took names, but realy did a little bit more of one than the other.

#9. Blades of Chaos from The God of War series. As if Kratos wasn’t bad enough, he came equipped with to killer blades attached by chains. Bloody Great!

#8. The Spread Gun from Contra. As soon as you saw that floating S you knew you were about to “Spread” some death 😀

#7. The Pistol. Now this one kinda covers multiple games because as we all know the pistol can be the great equalizer when our primary weapon fails us.

#6. Link’s sword in the Original Legend of Zelda. When have we ever seen a sword shoot out sparkly blades at our enemy before that?

#5. Halo Power Sword. One hit one kill, can’t ask for much more than that.

#4. The Portal gun from Portal 2…It’s a Portal Gun for crying out loud!

#3. The Sniper Rifle. Again another general weapon but how satisfying does it feel to pick off your target from a few hundred yards away…They never knew what hit em.

#2. The Rail Gun from Red Faction 2. An awesome game from the ps2 era that allowed you to shoot your target through walls…SWEET!

#1. Our top video game weapon goes to the Groovinator from the Ratchet and Clank series. For those of you that have ever played any of those games you know they are known for their unique weapons. This one took the top spot because sometimes you just wanna see your enemies dance before you kill them!

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