Tuesday’s Top 10: Energy Drinks You’ve Never Heard Of

It’s Tuesday folks and by now you’re probably already looking for an energy boost to help you kick start your week. Hopefully this week’s list will help you find the energy you need as we count down the Top 10 Energy Drinks you’ve probably never heard of. I haven’t personally tried any of these but if you have please let us know how they are. Most of these seem very gimmicky and I would be very curious to see how they taste and if they really work.

Ok, let’s get to it…

#10. Mana Energy Potion! For those gamers out there that know how important your mana levels can be you might want to remember this little guy.

#9. Mega Man E-Tank! Apparently released by Capcom to help promote Mega Man 9 back in 2008 this blue punch should help you get to the next level…of a heart attack

#8. Ghost Busters Ectoplasm! It reminds me of the ecto coolers they had back in the day for kids, probably the same stuff…I mean literally the same exact stuff left over from the early 90’s.

#7. Wild Thing! I’m not sure if this counts as an actual energy drink or not, but I couldn’t pass up this can…Why is the top rabbit Black?

#6. DragonBall Z Power Boost! Better than a senzu bean this thing will help you reach Super Sayian status in no time…At least that’s what it says on the can.

#5. Rubby! The flavor is blood orange and the can glows in black light. Now we can look like an even bigger douche walking around the club with this in our hands. All we need is a sweet blowout and an Ed Hardy shirt to complete our look.

#4. Zombie Blast Energy Shots! Pretty ingenious although most energy shots taste like shit and you don’t wanna keep these bad boys next to your real ammo.

#3. Radio Active! The cans glow in the dark and after a few of these you might possibly do the same thing.

#2. 9 MM! I guess we should be thankful that they didn’t decide to make this .45 caliber or it might do some real damage.

#1. Quagmire’s Cherry Pop! I have no idea who comes up with this stuff but I tip my fictitious hat to you sir…Giggity

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