Throw Back Thursday!

Here we go again, time to go back to the olden days of yore. Back to 1987 we go and take a quick look at an iconic Nintendo game; Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. This was the source of great joy and frustration to many kids in the late 80’s. it was the heroic tail of an up and coming fighter named Little Mac taking on a much larger world. The game started out so easy giving you a false sense of security that actually made you believe you could do anything…Even beat Mike Tyson. I mean the first guy you fight was named Glass Joe and I think that name speaks for it’s self.

By the time you made it to King Hippo you had already lost the will to live. The game seemed hopeless until you heard that your friend’s older brother made it all the way to Super Macho Man. He was only one away from Tyson. Suddenly you had new motivation and your second wind. You fought your way up the ranks well in into the wee hours of the morning. Finally you made it. Dehydrated and sleep deprived you stood before Mike Tyson himself. All your hard work came down to this, one fight that was going to change your life forever…Then you found out that one punch from Tyson ended it all.

Good times…In case you are like me and never actually made it past Tyson then please enjoy this video extra.

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