The GameKlip (Video)

Here is an awesome new product that will help you play games on your mobile android device. I don’t know about you but those touch screen controls are not very user friendly when it comes to gaming on your phone. They have such great graphics now for these mobile games and a lot of them are free. The problem is it feels so awkward when you play them and your fingers take up valuable real estate on your phone’s screen.

The GameKlip has found a really awesome way to fix this problem giving gamers that comfort and familiarity of playing at home. The GameKlip allows you to attach your Duel Shock 3 controller to your phone, and control your android device wirelessly or through a micro usb cable. It’s nice to see some cool gadgets coming out for devices other than Apple products.

For more information and to find out where you can purchase one of these awesome devices go to or check out the video below.

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