R.I.P. Peter Parker

So with the release of the very controversial Amazing Spider-Man #700 comes a very sad day for Nerds around the world…Me being one of them. Our iconic web head has officially been killed in his final battle against Doc Oc. Now I haven’t actually read the final issue but I did pick up issues #698 and #699 and it seems to me that this story is lacking substance. Especially for such an iconic character as the Amazing Spider-Man.

It was bad enough that they killed him off in the Ultimate Universe but in his own universe and comic series is going a bit too far I think. At the very least they could have given him a more grand and heroic death. I think that would be the least they could do for a character that has given us so many years of entertainment and honestly helped Marvel become what it is today. We know that they will be launching a new series known as the “Superior Spider-Man” but the Amazing storyline could have ended so much better.

Oh sure Spidey will live on in mediocre movies and video games, but this was where he was at his best. This is where we got to know him for who he really was. I think for the very last issue of The Amazing Spider-Man they could have gotten a better artist as well. I posted an example of the art down below and to me it’s just mehh. So many things wrong with this comic but I don’t want to go into too much detail for those of you out there that want to read it for yourselves. I have seen enough reviews on it and red parts of it online. I will get my copy later on today or possibly tomorrow and come back with a complete review. For now I would just like to say thanks Spidey for all the great years of entertainment and may you Rest in Peace…

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