Pacific Rim Official Trailer

So the first Official Trailer for Pacific Rim was released. The visuals look pretty amazing but I wonder…Does a movie about Giant Robots fighting Giant Monsters interest enough people here in America or is this something that might do better say in Japan? I look back at Battleship and see some similarities and I’m not so sure that’s a good thing. No it’s not Giant robots but We humans were in a fight for our survival, with giant creatures in the ocean…Sounds a little similar.

Which brings me to another movie franchise that does feature Giant Robots and has become very well known in America, The Transformers. Those movies have certainly not come without their share of criticism. Thankfully Pacific Rim isn’t a Michael Bay film however from the trailer it does look very Bay-esque. Meaning, while the CGI will be out of control the story line might lack substance. I guess it remains to be seen. What are your expectations for this movie based on its trailer?

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  1. Vargasm says:

    @ 1:12… Did they say "Ready to activate the EVA in 3…2..1.."? EVA as in Evangelion??? If so, I just had a Nerdgasm!

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