Nerdgasmic Gift Ideas

A while back we did a Top 10 list of things every nerd should own. There was some pretty awesome stuff in that list and if you want to check it out Click Here. Since Christmas is less than a week away we decided to post another list that is a bit more practical and might just help you find the perfect gift for the Nerds in your life. These items are just thing’s we’ve seen that sounded like fun presents to us and go in no particular order. The links for all these products are located at the bottom of this list.

Women’s Jack De Los Muertos Racer Back Tank by Pinky Star. Who doesn’t love the Nightmare Before Christmas and by the time summer rolls around your special lady will be glad you picked this gift up.

For those Android device gamers out there here is an awesome product that allows you to play games without having to use those shitty on screen controls. All you need is a Duel Shock controller and an Android device and this clip makes your gaming experience 1000% better.

Doctor Who Tardis 4 port usb hub. This is a pretty cool way to impress the folks at your office and announce that you’re a giant Nerd. Besides for those of us that need at least 4 seperate usb ports I think it’s pretty obvious to everyone anyways.

Star Trek Pizza Cutter. Now you can boldly go where no pizza has gone before…Into…slices? This thing is sweet and I want one.

Star Wars Chop Sabers. These things are sweet and you know the next time you go out to eat sushi undoubtedly a light saber battle will break out and you don’t want to be caught unprepared.

Spider-Man Snuggie. Look heroic all while staying warm in the comfort of your own home…You know you want this.

An original NES controller rug. This thing would be perfect for a game room, kids room, hell even my room. It’s pretty sweet.

An Umbrella Corp. Umbrella. I don’t even need rain to carry this bad boy around with me. Be the envy of every wet person as you stay dry under the protection of the Umbrella Corporation.

Zombie Shower Curtain! Freak your in-laws out and put this thing up in the guest bathroom. Or just surprise the wife or girlfriend and place it in your bathroom. Fun for the whole family!

Last but certainly not least a TaunTaun Sleeping bag. It may smell bad but it’ll definitely keep you warm in that cold Ice Planet weather.

Women’s Jack De Los Muertos Tank, The GameKlip, Doctor Who 4 port usb hub, Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter, Star Wars Chop Sabers, Spider-Man Snuggie, Nintendo Controller Rug, Umbrella Corp. Umbrella, Zombie Shower Curtain, TaunTaun Sleeping Bag

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