Battle of 2 Earths!

So with the popularity of the “Oblivion” trailer starring Tom Cruise I guess it seems only fitting to release another movie trailer of similar proportion. We got our first look at the “After Earth” trailer staring Will and Jaden Smith. There are several good and bads about these two trailers but let’s start with the one that was released first.

Oblivion looks really good visually but seems lacking in certain important areas. They definitely didn’t leave much up to the imagination with this trailer. I’ve always been a firm believer in the saying that in design, less is more, and movie trailers are no different. In the distant future Tom Cruise crash lands on earth and is forced to survive anything and everything trying to kill him. Here we go with another typical Tom Cruise film (which isn’t bad in its self) that has him stumbling across a secret conspiracy orchestrated by the very company he works for, and is forced to expose said conspiracy, all while using cool gadgets and giant table Ipads. Seems simple enough. We are given stunning visuals but nothing we haven’t really seen before. Oblivion looks fairly decent but I have a feeling it might be another mediocre box office failure for Mr. Cruise…Though I have been known to be wrong every now and again.

Onto After Earth. This looks very similar in the fact that once again we are in the distant future and our 2 main characters crash land onto (what we find out at the end of the trailer) earth. Jaden and possibly his father Mr. Smith have to survive all the dangers of a post apocalyptic Earth. I say possibly because it seems like he might have died in the crash. I really do like Will Smith as an Actor but I’m not so sure about his son being able to carry an entire movie like this one. Not to mention our old Pal M. Night Shaymalan is directing this movie. He’s kind of been hit and miss with his success and I can’t seem to shake the memory of his most recent failure with The Last Airbender. Not as many cool gadgets in this one but definitely some amazing looking visuals and CGI. Definitely look for a giant plot changing twist at the end of this one.

All in all it remains to be seen which of the 2 movies will come out on top. I give a slight edge to the Smiths simply because everything they touch seems to turn to gold. Anyways here are the 2 trailers for you to make your own comparison. Enjoy!

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