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Hong Kong Phooey and Marvin Martian Movie

So director Alex Zamm has posted some CGI test footage of two up coming movies based on cartoon classics. It has been put together in one single video and posted on youtube. The visuals aren’t too bad for early stage footage but this seems like the same recycled crap with 2 unfortunate characters who have done nothing to deserve such treatment. I love Eddie Murphy but his voice is a far cray from the late “Scatman” Crothers. It seems that we can’t just let our old cartoons die out gracefully. Instead we have to update them, make them a little more edgy, and release them in theaters to disappointing results.

So is Hong Kong Phooey and Marvin Martian doomed to the same fate as movies like Scooby Doo, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Garfield, Under Dog, The Smurfs etc? I hope not but take a look at this video and judge for yourselves. Obviously these movies are marketed towards kids with the silly slapstick comedy that we’ve all seen a thousand times before. I already know that I will most likely take my 6 year old to go see them however, that doesn’t mean I have to be happy about what is being done to our poor deceased cartoons…May they rest in peace

Throw Back Thursday: Captain Power (Video)

This week we’re heading all the way back to 1987 to look at an awesome kid’s show known as “Captain Power.” By 2132, advanced robotic soldiers known as Bio-Mechs had replaced humans in the armed forces of the world’s nations. The existence of Bio-Mechs meant that wars could be fought without significant loss of life. This had the effect of transforming the concept of war into a nearly harmless battle between machines, and wars became an everyday event. A group of scientists led by Dr. Stuart Gordon Power (Bruce Gray) began working on an advanced supercomputer capable of overriding the control systems employed by the world’s armed forces to operate the Bio-Mechs, and thus stop them, bringing an end to war.

Far Cry in Real Life!

For those of us that have gotten to experience the wonder that is Far Cry 3 then this will be an awesome treat for you. For those of you that haven’t then let this be some motivation for you to give Far Cry 3 a chance. It is quite possibly the best game I have ever played. It is an action shooter that goes where no action shooter has gone before. The visuals are amazing and you really feel immersed in in this open world tropical environment. This video is intense and really brings home the feel of the game its self. Anyways, enough of my fan boy words. Enjoy the video!

Not too bad for a commercial…

Captain America Mask Costume Beanie

Need a way to keep your head warm (and part of your face)all while looking stylish and heroic? Me neither, but this is still pretty sick. The Captain America mask/beanie has many functions aside from keeping your identity a secret. Be the envy of all your Nerd friends while you do things like work, walk the dog, go to the grocery store and much more. Christmas may have already come and gone but this will never go out of style. Click Here if you would like to purchase this awesomeness!

R.I.P. Peter Parker

So with the release of the very controversial Amazing Spider-Man #700 comes a very sad day for Nerds around the world…Me being one of them. Our iconic web head has officially been killed in his final battle against Doc Oc. Now I haven’t actually read the final issue but I did pick up issues #698 and #699 and it seems to me that this story is lacking substance. Especially for such an iconic character as the Amazing Spider-Man.

It was bad enough that they killed him off in the Ultimate Universe but in his own universe and comic series is going a bit too far I think. At the very least they could have given him a more grand and heroic death. I think that would be the least they could do for a character that has given us so many years of entertainment and honestly helped Marvel become what it is today. We know that they will be launching a new series known as the “Superior Spider-Man” but the Amazing storyline could have ended so much better.

Oh sure Spidey will live on in mediocre movies and video games, but this was where he was at his best. This is where we got to know him for who he really was. I think for the very last issue of The Amazing Spider-Man they could have gotten a better artist as well. I posted an example of the art down below and to me it’s just mehh. So many things wrong with this comic but I don’t want to go into too much detail for those of you out there that want to read it for yourselves. I have seen enough reviews on it and red parts of it online. I will get my copy later on today or possibly tomorrow and come back with a complete review. For now I would just like to say thanks Spidey for all the great years of entertainment and may you Rest in Peace…

Halo 5 for XBox 720

This is an amazing new look at a game that hasn’t been developed yet for a next gen system that hasn’t been released. Ok, so maybe this isn’t really a sneak peak at Halo 5 or the XBox 720 but it is a pretty sweet video. I would hate to think that the next gen systems game play would be as slow as this though. I love how they threw in a bunch of things that you see from playing online. For those of you that have ever played Halo multi-player you’ll know what I’m talking about. Also, there is obviously some great craftsmanship on both the armor and weapons, not to mention that I think most of the world is craving a live action Halo movie with weapons and armor reminiscent of the game. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this video as much as I did.

Nerdgasmic Gift Ideas

A while back we did a Top 10 list of things every nerd should own. There was some pretty awesome stuff in that list and if you want to check it out Click Here. Since Christmas is less than a week away we decided to post another list that is a bit more practical and might just help you find the perfect gift for the Nerds in your life. These items are just thing’s we’ve seen that sounded like fun presents to us and go in no particular order. The links for all these products are located at the bottom of this list.

Halo 4 Collector Figures

Square Enix brings Halo fans another set of characters from Microsoft’s best-selling Halo franchise. These figures are from Halo 4 and are very nicely detailed. They have over 20 points of articulation and run about $60 to $70 a piece, depending on where you find them online. Spartan Sarah Palmer comes with her railgun, alternate sets of hands, a Magnum and display stand. The Spartan Soldier Figure comes with its Supressor, alternate sets of hands, a Magnum and display stand. These figures look amazing and would make a great addition to anyone’s Halo collection.