The Death of Spider-Man?

The Amazing Spider-Man #698 is out today and If you were planning on getting it and don’t want to read any spoilers then you should probably leave this page now…

Still here?

Ok then

Writer Dan Slott has definitely put his exclamation mark at the end of the Amazing Spider-Man series. Speculation has been flying around the “inter-web” about weather or not he would kill off Spider-Man and how he would do it. We as readers would like to believe that every super hero would have a heroic death, especially a hero as Iconic as the Amazing Spider-Man. Apparently Dan Slott doesn’t agree and thinks that simply dying is just not enough for our favorite web head.

According to The Amazing Spider-Man #698 comic, Doctor Otto Octavius has switched minds with Peter Parker and is now in control of Spider-Man and everything that comes with him. Obviously this means That Peter is stuck in Doc Oc’s body as well. This predicament wouldn’t be so bad by itself, but Peter’s mind is in an immobilized and dying Doctor Octopus. If that isn’t bad enough he is left with the thought that one of his greatest enemies is controlling his body, knows all his secrets, and none of the people he loves knows the truth. In the final scene we see Peter flat line in the body of Otto Octavius and takes his final breath.

Whatever happened to just riding off into the sunset? There is good news however. Marvel Comics plans on releasing “The Superior Spider-Man” sometime in the future, and something tells me that Peter will find a way out of this deadly situation.

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