New Batman Confirmed for Reboot?!?!

You heard right folks. According to it has been confirmed that Joseph Gorden Levitt (from the Dark Knight Rises) will be the next Batman for what seems to be a lengthy list of movies including; Another Batman Trilogy and The Justice League Movie.

Hitflix is reporting that: “Joseph Gordon-Levitt absolutely will be appearing in “Justice League” as the new Batman.”

Apparently they are looking for Joseph to take over this role sooner than later. It is being said that he might make an appearance in the up coming Superman movie. We already know that Christopher Nolan is working closely to help produce the film, but I’m not so sure how true these rumors are. It hasn’t been made official by Warner Brothers or DC as of yet so everything still remains to be seen. I’m sure with all these rumors flying around this one will be officially addressed before long.

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