Astonishing X-Men Blu-ray and Motion Comics

So I guess this is going to be the new trend in Marvel Comic Animated movies. I personally am not a huge fan of the Motion Comic genre but It seems like Marvel was trying to cut some costs and still try to compete with DC on the animation motion picture line.

As we all know Marvel Comics is owned by Disney, and Disney has some seriously deep pockets. So I wonder why they would cheap out on these animated stories especially when they get a Director like Joss Whedon. I haven’t seen the DVD yet but just the whole look and feel of the animation seems like some sort of mutant spawn (forgive the pun)between a stylized comic book and an animated movie. The mouth movements look like something out of a bad puppet show and from the looks of the trailer they can’t make up their mind if they wanted to make it fast paced or in slow motion.

In any case the Blu-ray is out now and you can judge for yourself if you’d like.

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