Daily Archives: November 30, 2012

Friday’s Comic Book Cocktail!

This cocktail recipe comes to us by way of Comics Alliance

Ever think you could drink your favorite Super Heroes? Me neither but here we are…This weeks drink packs a serious punch and will have you feeling like you can swing on web lines and stick to walls…Although I don’t suggest trying any of those things.

The Spider-Man

• 1.0 oz. Cherry Liqueur
• 1.0 oz. Raspberry Liqueur
• 2.0 oz. Tequila • 0.125 packet Pop Rocks

Mix cherry liqueur raspberry liqueur, and Tequila in average sized glass, add pop rocks.

The New Captain Planet!!!

Remember when Captain Planet was awesome and you couldn’t wait to go out and recycle to help the environment? Me neither, but every super hero has to go somewhere after their 15 minutes is up. What happened to Captain Planet? Better yet what has happened to Don Cheadle?