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New Batman Confirmed for Reboot?!?!

You heard right folks. According to Moviepilot.com it has been confirmed that Joseph Gorden Levitt (from the Dark Knight Rises) will be the next Batman for what seems to be a lengthy list of movies including; Another Batman Trilogy and The Justice League Movie.

Hitflix is reporting that: “Joseph Gordon-Levitt absolutely will be appearing in “Justice League” as the new Batman.”

Apparently they are looking for Joseph to take over this role sooner than later. It is being said that he might make an appearance in the up coming Superman movie. We already know that Christopher Nolan is working closely to help produce the film, but I’m not so sure how true these rumors are. It hasn’t been made official by Warner Brothers or DC as of yet so everything still remains to be seen. I’m sure with all these rumors flying around this one will be officially addressed before long.

What do you think? Do you think Joseph Gordon Levitt would make a good Batman? What did you think of him in The Dark Knight Rises? Leave a comment on our Facebook page telling us what your opinion on this. Nerdgasm Needs

To read the story from movie pilot Click Here

Tuesdays Top 10: Bad Ass Vehicles

So today we will be counting down the top ten “Bad Ass Vehicles” in movies and tv. There are thousands of vehicles to choose from but these are our personal picks so don’t be upset if we miss some.

#10. The Mitsubishi Eclipse. I have a personal connection to this because at one point I was a street racer and the 99 Eclipse was my baby. This car is Fast and Furious…get it?

#9. The Batmobile! I know there are several variations and they are all bad ass but I am a product of the 80’s and really like the original movie batmobile.

#8. Tron Light Cycle. These things are fast as hell and you can’t tell me that you’ve never wished they were real.

#7. The Tango and Cash Chevy Truck. Complete with Gatling guns and armor, when the zombie apocalypse starts we will all wish we had one of these things!

#6. Kitt from Knight Rider. This was every little boys dream back in the day. Who wouldn’t want a smart car that talks back to them? Something tells me Kitt has influenced the car makers of today.

#5. The Delorean from Back to the Future. Man, haven’t we all wished we had a time machine at one point or another? Not to mention it just looks SICK!!!

#4. Air Wolf! Death From Above!!!

#3. Thunder from the show Thunder in Paradise. Most people don’t remember this show and it’s probably for the best. Crappy show but awesome boat.

#2. James Bond’s Aston Martin. This had every bad ass gadget in the world but most of all it just makes you look like a P I M P when driving it.

#1. The great Optimus Prime! Now before you get upset hear me out. He wasn’t exactly a vehicle someone else drove but he was a vehicle and he kicked some serious Decepticon Ass…I rest my case

Video Game Violinist!

Lindsey Stirling is awesome violinist who has done covers for such games as Skyrim, Legend Of Zelda, and Assassins Creed. She plays with lots of passion and I really enjoy her music. Hope you guys do too!

Halo 4 map pack release dates leaked!

So it seems that someone made an oops and accidentally let the release dates for the Halo 4 map packs slip. According to G4tv.com Microsoft will be releasing the average 3 map packs for Halo 4’s multi player…at least for now. These packs will be entitled Crimson, Majestic, and Castle. I can only assume that by the names one is a close quarters pack, a large open map pack, and a fortress/capture the flag pack. The release dates are as follows.

The Crimson Map pack is will arrive on December 10, 2012, the Majestic Map Pack will be on February 25, 2013, and the Castle Map Pack arrives on April 1…

This is only speculation but it seems to come from a credible source.