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Free Game Give Away!

Free Game Give Away!

Here it is folks! This is our big push to get as many subscribers as we possibly can before the end of the year. We have big plans for “Nerdgasm Needs” but we need a larger audience to get some of this stuff up off the ground. You might be wondering what any of this has to do with you…Well I’m glad you asked. You can help us by telling everyone you know about our NerdGasm facebook page and have them subscribe to it by clicking the like button above our timeline.

Nerdgasm Needs Facebook Page

We here at Nerdgasm are very grateful for all of our followers and would like to reward you for helping us grow. Here is where the free games come in to…”Play.” The more friends you send our way the better chance you have to win one of these three console titles; Border Lands 2 (PS3), Medal of Honor War Fighter (Xbox 360), and Uncharted 3 (PS3)

Get 20 friends to “follow” our Nerdgasm Needs Facebook page and you win a brand new PS3 or Xbox 360 game. Simple as that!

Rules: So this contest is to see who can be the first person to refer 20 people to our page. The first one to reach 20 will win their choice of the three titles mentioned above. First any friends you refer have to either comment or message us letting us know who sent them (we have to be able to keep track.) Second, they can’t just follow and unfollow the next day. We will be watching our numbers and names to see who sticks. Third, it cannot be another fan page. We want real people that are interested in what we are doing. No fake or temporary pages either. The new person will only count for you once they leave us a comment or message saying who sent them. I think it goes without saying that you can not count yourself as one of your referrals.

The contest will begin at 6pm Friday 11/23/2012 and end at 6pm Friday 12/14/2012. We will announce the Winners on Saturday 12/15/2012 and contact them to claim their prize.