Daily Archives: November 20, 2012

Tuesday’s Top 10: Things Every Nerd Should Own!

This week’s top 10 is a list of things that we think Every Nerd should own at one time or another. Obviously some of these things are more expensive than others, but what is your money worth if you’re never going to enjoy it? Just a thought. Besides with Christmas coming up these might be some good ideas for the Nerd in your life. Anyways, enjoy the list!

#10. Original NES bed sheets! Go to sleep and dream of collecting coins and saving the princess.

#9. A Spider-Man Snuggie! Look heroic and stay warm all while sitting on the couch.

#8. A Super Mario Brick and coin light. Something tells me this wouldn’t be quite as rewarding to smash your head into…Still cool though.

#7. A pistol drink dispenser. Sure it might be more work than just pouring the bottle yourself, but it looks so cool and everyone else will be jealous…I mean look at the little holster.

#6. A Tie Fighter computer desk. The cockpit glows red and it’s a freaking Tie Fighter…Bad Ass!

#5. A Lieutenant Rick Hunter motorcycle helmet. Anyone that is a fan of the original Macross (Robotech) series would love this.

#4. A Han Solo carbonite coffee table. Be the envy of all your nerd friends with this iconic scene that you can rest your drinks on.

#3. Light Saber Chop Sticks! Now eat sushi or anything else with serious Nerd Swag! Hell I’d eat cereal with these things.

#2. An Optimus Prime PC. It actually transforms and looks awesome. It’s probably slow as sh*t though since it is 80’s tech…Just sayin

#1. A Zombie Apocalypse kit from Gerber. We ain’t talking baby food here. This is grade A American steel that will slice through any zombie that comes your way.

“Epic” Movie Trailer

I saw this trailer when I took my son to see the last Ice Age movie over the summer. It looked very interesting and my son was already asking me to take him to see it. From what I gather from the trailer this has sort of an “Arthur and The Incredibles” and “Ferngully” type of feel. However the way they have integrated the environment for the use of these tiny characters is much more believable and innovative. Not to mention the animation looks great as well. I definitely think this will be a great movie for kids and adults when it comes out…but then again I’ve been known to be wrong from time to time. Anyways, enjoy the trailer!

Chinese Zodiac Trailer!

Jackie Chan is still at it in this pretty awesome looking trailer for his new movie. Doesn’t look like it will be released on the big screen in the US but it’s good to see him still kickin ass. I don’t see much of a story arch to this trailer but since when has Jackie ever needed that? The last time they focused more on a story than on action with Jackie Chan we got the Rush Hour series and The Spy Next Door…i rest my case. Anyways, enjoy the trailer!