Daily Archives: November 19, 2012

Green Lantern Kia Soul!

The streets will once again be safe with this Green lantern inspired Kia Soul. With a custom green and black paint job, wide body and even green mirror chrome tint on the windows, this lantern of Justice is an impressive sight. Built by Super Street it has been lowered to improve stability and handeling as well as widening the wheel wells with one-off 18 x 10.5-inch deep-dish wheels.  

The Kia Soul comes standard with four doors , but the this Soul’s back doors have been welded shut to streamline its appearance. The head lights have been blacked out and have projector beams that glow green. The front fog lights display Lantern Corps logos and greed leds complete this awesome and heroic package. I don’t know about you, but I’d rock this for sure!

UFC Girls in Maxim Magazine!

For those of you who follow The UFC you will probably recognize the beauty on the new issue of Maxim Magazine. Arianny Celeste has been an octagon ring girl since 2006 and has become some what of an unofficial mascot of the company. Though she never fights she is just as popular if not more than some of the guys that jump into the cage. Her face (among other things) have become synonymous with Mixed Martial Arts as she is seen at every UFC pay per view. 

Here are some of here quotes from her Maxim Magazine interview. For the whole story and more pictures pick up the magazine or go to Maxim’s Website.

On how the UFC has changed her life:
“It’s blown up! First I thought MMA was kinda of scary, but seeing what the fighters go through, I have total respect for what they do.” 

On her favorite Octagon Girl perk:
“Traveling. I loved Brazil and Sydney. If I’m by the water, in a bikini, I’m happy.” 

On if she’s been naughty or nice this year:
“A mixture of both, but more on the naughty side. I like to keep things interesting.”

Artist of The Week Day 1

This week we are going to start off a new feature. It will be our “Artist of The Week.” Each week we will be showcasing a new artist and several pieces of their art every day for a week.

What does it take to be an artist of the week you say?

Well I’m glad you asked. Basically all it takes is for you to have at least 5 pieces of art and digital images of said art (Photo scan, picture from digital or cell phone camera, or anything that is in jpeg format.) Write a short 1 or 2 sentence paragraph about each thing and have a place for us to refer fans back to you (facebook or email address). Please leave us a message or comment and let us know if you would be interested in becoming an Artist of The Week.

Our first featured artist is none other than yours truly! If you would like some picture edits, graphics, or logos made please feel free to message me on this page. Thanks for stopping by.

This was a picture edit I did using a friend’s 3d model of spider man and an actual photograph of someone wearing a mask. All was color corrected and the background had some editing done to bring Spidey more into focus. I edited the color, head, eyes, web, and background, shadows, and text to make it look like all one image.