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GTA 5 Official Game Play Trailer


Tuesday’s Top 10: Coolest Spaceships

Here’s a quick list of our top 10 favorite space ships from movies and television. Why did these ones make the list? Because they’re cool!

#10 The Eagle 5 from the Movie Spaceballs. Who wouldn’t want a flying motor home co piloted by a dog?

#9 The Axiom from Walle. This was awesome because you had everything you wanted at your finger tips and never had to worry about anything…even walking.

#8The SDF-1 from the anime Macross (Robotech in America). It was a city sized space fortress that transformed into a giant kick ass robot. Enough said!

#7 The USS Saratoga from the short lived series Space Above and Beyond. This one has sentimental meaning since it was a favorite show of my Dad’s.

#6 Galactica from Battle Star Galactica. It survived destruction from a robot uprising by using out dated technology.

#5 The Prometheus…Because it just looks sick in the theater.

#4 The Borg Cube. Resistance is Futile!

#3The Millennium Falcon. It’s the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy!

#2 The Star Trek Enterprise. One of the most iconic symbols of Nerdism!

#1 The Death Star! Aside from a poorly placed exhaust port this thing is awesome and a destroyer of worlds. How many of you wish you could get one of these this Christmas?