Daily Archives: November 8, 2012

Elder Scrolls Online!

Let’s stop the Nerd on Nerd violence and bring two waring sides together. The MMO community has always thought their games were superior, And the Platformers have always held strong to their way of gaming. Now we can bring the best of both these words together.

Here is a look at the up coming Elder Scrolls Online!

ThrowBack Thursday!!!

Aahhh The Squeeze-It! Now that brings back some fond memories of lunch in a brown paper bag. Those things were fun to drink out of and worked equally well as a squirt gun after it had been emptied of it’s sugary goodness. The only problem with those things was the little plastic tab that you use to open them.

A preteen back in the early 90’s had to carry a lot of books and was rough on his or her backpack. That usually wasn’t good news for the contents inside of said backpack. At least half the time that damn tab would break open and all your “Squeeze-It” would empty out into your back pack. Not a good look for a kid but definitely a good memory.

Brad Pitt vs Zombies

So they’ve been talking about the movie “World War Z” for a couple years now. It is based off of the best selling novel by Max Brooks. I’ve been very interested to see how they were going to make it and this is our first look at it.

What do you guys think? Are you in or out?

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets!

This video is pretty funny. From Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Visit The Set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2!

Cool contest going on through the Target facebook page. If you “like” their page then you can be entered to win a chance to visit the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. I know I’m doing it, what about you?


New Battle Star Galactica Series!

Yes it’s been three years since the last Battle Star Galactica series ended and it’s about time to start a new one. I’m sure a lot of you guys saw my plugs for the Halo Forward Unto Dawn series that was shown online, well this one is going to follow a similar format. The Machinima Prime Youtube channel will be premiering the new series online as well and if it’s anything like the Halo series (as far as production value) you can bet you won’t want to miss it. Just from what i’ve seen from the trailer it looks like it will be awesome. I can’t wait to see it. Battle Star Galactica: Blood and Chrome premiers November 9 on Machinima Prime.