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According to Yahoo news the U.S. Military will begin conducting training exercises today that will simulate a Zombie apocalypse. The training will involve the U.S. Marines and Navy special-operations forces. It will be held at the Paradise Point Resort in San Diego California. The resort covers 44 acres on an island and will be transformed with what seems to be pretty detailed sets, including a Middle Eastern village and a pirate cove (I’m assuming somali pirates not Jack Sparrow.)

Hobbit Saftey First

When traveling to Middle Earth please observe all safety regulations

Thank You

How MMA Fighters do Halloween!!!

Former UFC light heavy weight champ Quintin Rampage Jackson showing us how Batman can be done. Lookin good

Also MMA fighter Seth Petruzelli Rockin the evil symbiote look. Awesome!

GTA 5 Coming in Spring of 2013

Grand Theft Auto 5 set to release in spring of 2013. It has been confirmed by Rockstar games after some promotional material leaked onto the inter-web earlier this month. Below is an official teaser promo for Grand Theft Auto 5

Iron Man Racist!

Ever since the release of the Iron Man 3 Trailer people have been talking about it non stop. It has already been revealed that the main antagonist in the movie is going to be long time Marvel Comic villain “The Mandarin.”

The Mandarin is also the source of some racial controversy. It seems that the Chinese raised super villain is seen as “outdated caricature based on early Orientalist portrayals of Chinese villains” according to Also according to movieplot Marjorie M. Liu, the author of the Dirk & Steele series said to i09:

The Mandarin is pretty much a direct descendant of the Fu Manchu yellow peril caricature-at best Orientalist, at worst, racist.

What are your thoughts?

Epic Pumpkin!!!

Movie Ninjas!!!

Ever get annoyed by people talking in a movie theater? What about people texting, or crying babies that have no business being in a movie theater to begin with? Well a theater in England may have found a solution. Volunteers dressed as ninjas hide in the shadows of the cinema and wait for people to do the annoying things mentioned above. Once they begin to disrupt the movie the Ninjas strike! They stop the behavior and/or escort the offenders out of the theater and return to the shadows. I can only hope that movie theaters here will adopt these ninjas to rid us of those annoying movie theater goers…

Deadpool Style

Our favorite chimichanga eatin anti-hero is up to his old tricks again. Deadpool gets down to an awesome version of gangnam style which almost makes that song bearable…almost. There is some great cosplay in this video and you will definitely get a good laugh out of it. You can tell that these guys had a lot of fun making this video and I think most everyone had fun dancing with Deadpool. Okay, maybe not everyone but it looks like some of them needed to lighten up a bit anyways.  So check out the video below and give it a watch! Hopefully it makes your day even more awesome!