Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Trailer

Check out this first official look at Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 More »

Game Master R Type Anime Fan Film

This anime style fan film of the classic arcade game is awesome and intense More »

Son of Zorn Trailer

Half animation and half live action this new series coming to FOX looks interesting and funny More »

Assassins Creed Movie Official Trailer

Check out the first official trailer for the new Assassin\\\'s Creed movie. Click here to watch it More »

Voltron Legendary Defender Official Trailer

The official trailer for the new Netflix Voltron series is here. Click here to check it out More »


Beauty and The Beast Official Teaser (Video)


Lately it seems like Disney can do no wrong when it comes to the movies that they have been putting out. Aside from the obvious success of the Marvel and Star Wars movies, The Jungle Book and Zootopia have been two of the biggest movies of the year. Now we finally get our first glimpse at the beautiful Emma Watson as Belle in this brand new Beauty and The Beast teaser released earlier today. It’s short, but being a Disney fan I am definitely excited for this.

Game Master R-TYPE Anime Short (Video)


This is an awesome tribute to 90s anime and a classic arcade game. OtaKing77077 is back at it again with his unique stylized animation this time featuring the classic side scrolling shooter R-TYPE. If his animation looks familiar then that’s probably because you recognize it from the anime style short TIE Fighter. If you haven’t seen that one either or just want to re-watch it then just click here to check it out. I highly recommend that you do especially if you are a Star Wars fan.

Dragon Ball XENOVERSE 2 Announcement Trailer (Video)


This week Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc announced a sequel to the popular Dragon Ball Xenoverse game and released the first trailer. I actually own the first Dragon Ball Xenoverse game and I thought it was just OK. The combat and fighting system is pretty well done but the lack of an infinite practice mode and some of the impossible tasks made the game more of a daunting task rather than a source of entertainment. Still, being a huge Dragon Ball fan I’m always willing to give a new DB game a chance.

Son of Zorn Official Trailer (Video)

Zorn (voiced by Jason Sudeikis) and TK

Fox comes out with some crazy shows. Some of them are gold and others not so much. Son of Zorn actually looks pretty entertaining although I don’t know how long the novelty of it will last. We’ve seen Fox try shows featuring puppets and live action before, but not animation and live action. However I do like that the animation is a call back to old cartoons like He-Man, Conan, and even the way old school cartoon Thundarr The Barbarian.

Transformers 5 Title/Teaser (Video)


I can’t say that I’m a big fan of the Michael Bay Transformer movie franchise, but I am a huge fan of the Transformers. I liked the first Bay-Formers movie but the rest were pretty much the same recycled shit over and over again. Well Paramount Pictures announced Transformers 5 last night on the film’s official Instagram page. The fifth (and hopefully final) movie in this particular franchise will be titled Transformers: The Last Knight. Production of the movie is set to begin in June of this year.

Nerdcast 2.0 Episode 010 (Podcast)


On this episode of the Nerdgasm Needs Podcast I have my review of Captain America: Civil War, give my thoughts on the X-Men Apocalypse movie, talk about some Wolverine 3 movie news, and compare the latest game trailers for Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. Please give it a listen, share with your friends, and let me know what you think Nerd Nation. Enjoy the latest podcast episode or listen to past episodes by clicking here. You can also listen to us on Itunes search for us under Nerdcast 2.0 in the Itunes store.

Claycat’s DOOM (Video)


DOOM is being released today and I plan on getting it because I actually really enjoyed the beta. I thought the multiplayer was fast paced, with cool player customization. Some of the weapon damage needs to be a little more balanced but my friends and I had a really fun time playing the 2 levels that were made available to us in the beta. So in honor of the release of DOOM today I thought you guys would like to see this awesome claymation video of Claycat in the DOOM universe.

Assassin’s Creed Movie Trailer/Thoughts (Video)


The first official trailer for the new Assassin’s Creed movie has been released starring Michael Fassbender as the main protagonist Callum Lynch. I have to say that I have mixed feelings about this movie and what we see in this trailer. Now I’ve only really played the first two games out of the series so I am by no means an expert when it comes to this franchise. I know that there are a lot of die hard fans of the Assassin’s Creed series out there so please take what I say with a grain of salt.