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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dress for Success

This meme seriously cracked me up. It's funny because if you think about it, we do say things that have a specific meaning though the actual saying is pretty vague. If one were to actually dress as an intergalactic bounty hunter hoping to improve their employment chances, most people would think something was wrong with them. This saying should be a bit more specific. Also, it's funny because I could seriously picture a guy surrounded by a bunch of suits as he sits in his Boba Fett costume.

LOTR Mythology Explained (Video)

I think this might be a good video for all of us to check out especially before the final Hobbit movie is released in theaters. If you were ever curious how deep the Lord of The Rings mythology actually goes then you will definitely find this four minute video very interesting. I have never read any of the books but have seen all the movies, including The Hobbit movies. My father had read all the books back when he was in college and explained some of these things to me but had forgotten much of it by the time I got around to asking him about it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Jameson Whiskey Tree

Now this is a Christmas tree I can really enjoy. That would definitely be one hell of a New Year's eve party once that thing came down. I use to merchandising and beverage distribution and let me tell you, those types of displays are a nightmare to build. Still it's pretty awesome to look at and definitely gets you in the holiday spirit ;) 

Remember Wednesday: X-Men Game

There has been many different video games based on the Marvel superhero team known as the X-Men, some were good and some not so much. For me only one stands out above the rest, and deserves to be remembered on this Wednesday. Don't get me wrong, there have been plenty of great X-Men games over the years, but this was the first one to really take their awesomeness to an uncanny level (see what I did there).

Virtua Fighter Z

This has got to be one of the most epic crossovers ever! I'm honestly not sure where this came from, except that someone posted it on Twitter. I don't know if these figures are fan made or if it's just something really cool out of Japan (Japan gets all the cool stuff). I hope this is a line of mini figures that is coming out soon because they would look completely awesome on my desk. Either way this is pretty cool and I have great memories from both Virtua Fighter and Dragon Ball Z.

Gamer Heaven (Video)

Video Games New York might just be the worlds best video game store. It is definitely gamer heaven come to earth. They have so many different types of games and gaming hardware that you could probably spend a few days in there and not actually see everything they have for sale. For those of us that live on the west coast the likelihood of us getting there anytime soon isn't very good. Thankfully for us, BuzzFeedVideo was kind enough to go there and show us their top 50 favorite things they found at Video Games New York.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Is Coming

This is actually a really cool piece of Christmas art. Love Game of Thrones and I love Christmas so I can definitely put this in the win column. I hope you all have been good this year other wise you might wind up with the same fate as Ned Stark...On second though, lets hope coal is the worst you get haha :)

GTA Most Wanted Trailer (Video)

This fan made movie trailer could easily be something we'd see for an upcoming summer block buster, no doubt about it. However, the trailer for this fictitious movie titled "Most Wanted" was done entirely using GTA V game footage and voiced over very well. Most Wanted comes from the minds over at Commandoflauge YouTube channel and I have to say that this trailer is very well done and entertaining.